The Day I Died

(Apocalypse Cycle)

"Aya Knight writes with a powerfully evocative hand that brings to life Oshin's very different world and perspective....The Day I Died is a riveting teen dystopian sci-fi story." --D. Donovan, Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Reviews

Paperback: ISBN-13: 978-1-938083-38-9

E-book: ISBN-13: 978-1-938083-37-2


Oshin Fletcher lives by three rules: obey authority, don’t draw unnecessary attention to yourself, and above all else, never leave the city walls.

Some say that to be broken. For Oshin, her world shattered on the day . A secret meeting leads her beyond the safety of her city. Lured by the ignorance that comes with being lonely and hopeful, Oshin was about to discover just how severe consequences could be. Lost and alone, she waited; no one came. But they did. The infected, the decaying, the undead.

Oshin wakes to find herself in an abandoned house, deep within the forest. Her body was changing, her desire to feed, uncontrollable. She was a marionette—her hunger, the puppeteer. She pivots on a line between life and death. They say the undead are mindless, but Oshin was very much aware. She sets out in an unknown world where the worst evils aren’t the undead, but humanity itself. With only days before the effects of the disease take hold and decay sets in, Oshin must race to find a way back home for a cure. She soon discovers that home is not everything she thought it to be. Dark secrets have been in play since the moment she was born.

An emotionally intense zombie survival story.

Reader Guide:
Young Adult Sci- - graphic violence, gore, strong language (Recommended 16+)


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